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Ali x

A Bit About Me

The Yogi & The Writer

I am a Yogi and a writer.

I guide shapes, asanas, poses.
Pulsing with presence, illuminated by awareness.
A teacher and forever student, my students are my most prolific gurus.

Teaching full time coming up to 8 years, my style of practise and holding space for my students closely mirrors my personality; sassy and strong yet supportive, inclusive and sensitive.

A dance Instructor, before I found my mat, teaching is like breathing, to me.

Adding to my initial 500 hour TT by attending workshops, masterclasses and advanced training with the likes of Kathryn Budig, Patrick Beach, Shiva Rea and Sarah Powers, over the years, as I developed my own distinct style.

I’ve been described as firm, but fair, by a long time fan of my classes.

The sharing of yoga has evolved to the penning and sharing of experiences. Student to studio. Body to mat. Pen to paper. Finger to keyboard. My heart to yours.

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